Brick Pavers Provide A Wintertime Solution

Want to avoid bundling up in layers and then having to face the bitter cold, wind, and snow only to work for hours shoveling your walkway or driveway? Hoping to eliminate ice build up on surfaces around your home which create potential slipping hazards that could cause injury to you or your guest? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions (who wouldn’t?) then remember, winter is fast approaching but there’s still time to make this year the easiest yet if you act now.
Choosing to install heated brick pavers into your patio, walkway, or driveway will be one of the best investments you can ever make to give you peace of mind once the snow begins to fall. Homes and businesses that elect to utilize this technology immediately receive each of the following benefits in addition to knowing you and your guests can now enter and exit safely regardless of the wintry conditions.
Prevent Ice and Snow Accumulation
Heat grids or lines underneath the surface operate to warm the materials and keep snow and ice from building up on the ground level. This heat produces enough energy to either prevent any accumulation from occurring, if turned on prior, or melt away the snow and ice should you have forgotten to activate the unit. 
Eliminating any potential for the ice and snow to mount on the surfaces will ensure your walkways, patios, or driveways remain clear of hazardous slick spots and black ice. Especially on driveway surfaces the potential for black ice is high but having a heated system can alleviate any need to worry about this danger.

Easy Maintenance
As with any brick paver surface, the maintenance required is minimal but there are benefits to utilizing a heated system underneath pavers as opposed to a concrete or asphalt material. In the event any electrical work needs to be completed on the heat grid underground, pavers can be simply removed and replaced whereas other materials may require complete reconstruction or create unsightly patches for the same type of work.

Avoid Excessive Snow Piles and Ice Hazards
If you or someone else clears your driveway using something other than manual labor and a shovel, it will require creating larger piles of snow along the sides or at the end of a walkway or driveway. These large snow banks get compacted and hang around longer than much of the snow on the surface. They also can create issues in roadways and when melting at a slower pace increase the risk of ice accumulating where any drainage occurs – making even more problems out of something that can be avoided all together with a heat system.
Permeable and pervious brick pavers provide any melting ice or snow a pathway back into the ground instead of adding to the issues potentially created by an abundance of snowfall.   
The individuals at AMK Hardscapes can assist you in determining which brick paver surface would be best fitted for almost any project around your home. Whether your looking at installing a heat system to an already established walkway, backyard patio, driveway or adding a completely new construction of any – our highly trained and certified staff will make certain you receive the absolute best service available. Not only will the staff be present initially but they will continue to also be accessible throughout the entire process of construction and installation to answer any questions which may arise during the any stage. They can help you with a number of different paver options such as patios or other landscaping needs for pavers. If you should need any assistance in determining the best option available to you in this area the AMK experts are ready to help. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate today.