Brick Pavers Denver Maintenance Requirements

Once you’ve decided to spend the necessary money and upgrade your home or office with a brick patio, sidewalk, or driveway, the question about maintenance and upkeep requirements begin. In fact, it may be something you consider even prior to starting the project but either way, the answers support brick pavers and their minimum maintenance responsibilities. 

There are a number of factors which support utilizing a brick paver surface for your next project which will not only enhance the look of your home or office but can also influence the property value in a positive way. Ultimately, the work required for upkeep of a brick paver surface is minimal and the durability is unmatched by many competitors – including cement, rock, and asphalt.
Brick pavers offer the following benefits and limited support once professionally installed.
Cleaning the brick pavers once they have been installed is arguably the biggest factor for maintaining the groomed look of a project and keeping the stones in optimal shape. While the frequency at which you seal pavers depends on use, weather, and other variable factors, the stones can often be returned to pristine condition after just a simple power wash. 

Maintenance for other hardscape surfaces often requires complete replacement or a patch which is extremely noticeable even when professionally adhered to an existing surface. Fortunately, should a brick paver need replacement, which in itself is a rare occurrence due to their extreme durability, only the cracked, broken, or damaged piece needs to be removed and then a match can be reinstalled to retrofit the design.

There is often availability for bricks which have been weathered and then will match up with whatever should need replacing or a simple power wash can blend any patch back into the mix – appearing like a cohesive unit. It is rare that a brick should need replacing but knowing that small sections can be corrected without interfering with your schedule or budget is definitely a benefit.
Finally, a routine inspection of your surface is suggested in order to recognize any damaging characteristics of areas in need of attention. While there isn’t a real need for daily or even weekly observations, checking in periodically – especially following extreme temperature changes, a fluctuation in use, or heavy rains, can be beneficial and keep your brick paver surface in optimal shape and lasting for a lifetime or even longer.

The experts at AMK Hardscapes offer an inclusive evaluation of your project and can answer any questions you may have about the future of your investment. Their consultation will involve taking considerations from the client and offering a full service, turnkey job to offering assistance only when needed or asked – their involvement is left to the homeowner and can be as much or little as requested during any particular project. 

Their professionally trained staff will be pleased to assist you in determining your best options and product design for all brick paver projects. Whether you’re replacing a cracking concrete sidewalk, full circle driveway, a short walk to your front door, or anything in between – they can help! Our associates will ensure that you not only receive the best service possible but also are aware of the implications your hardscapes may have on the cost analysis of a property. Further, they are willing and ready to assist with any number of paver options, including fire pits and walled landscaping opportunities. Whether you need an explanation for a recommended surface type or are ready to move forward on a hardscaping project the AMK experts are ready and willing to assist. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate.