5 Denver Hardscaping Trends for Spring 2016

Can you believe spring is almost here!? It is time to consider updating your hardscaping as the warm months arrive and create the outdoor space you have always wanted, or update your current arrangement. An upgrade is not just for aesthetics though, having a Denver paver hardscaping company upgrade your current situation can make it safer and easier to maintain as well. Here are five industry trends to consider when deciding about your own hardscaping this spring.

Outdoor Entertaining Spaces: Homeowners are enjoying the outdoors and expanding their living space to the outdoors to make this happen. An outdoor entertaining space, whether it is an outdoor kitchen or fire pit, can be a great place to invite friends to or even just to have some quality time with the family.  It can also increase the value of your home too, which is a great benefit. Homeowners are also adding pavers to their backyards and creating patios. All are great ways to create the perfect entertaining space and spend more time outside!
Natural Tones: When adding or upgrading their hardscaping, many are choosing a natural route. They are choosing neutral plants, trees and flowers as well as rocks and pavers. This gives a more natural feel to the space. People are making the transition to change the area to feel more like they are in nature. See what people are doing on Houzz’s website!
Horizontal Lines: Those who have been updating their outdoor spaces are choosing horizontal lines for a clean look. You can have horizontal pavers distributed around an area that creates a modern and simplistic look. It is a great look in a front yard, back entertaining space or other areas on a property.
Roofs: There are certain times it can be unpleasant to be outside—such as rainy or extremely hot weather. Homeowners are choosing to add roofs above their Denver pavers to make the outdoors of their home a place they can go at any time. It’s especially great for outdoor kitchens to provide shelter.
LED Lights: When choosing how to light their outdoor space, homeowners are choosing LED. This energy efficient form of lighting uses 90% less power. Their color always remains consistent and they last longer. Adding LED lights to an outdoor space can increase the areas one can go when it becomes dark out and make it safer. Outdoor lighting is also great for defining property lines, which can be difficult to see at night. Be sure when adding LED lighting to the outside of your home to make sure it does not interfere inside of your home!

Now that we are saying goodbye to winter, let AMK Hardscapes give your outdoor space an upgrade! Our interlocking brick paver design is great for stairways, driveways, decks, patios, gazebos, trellaces, walkways and more! We can make your vision come true and will last for many years to come. Give us a call at 303-525-8601 or fill out a contact form to get started!