4 Tips to Maintain your Denver Pavers

Pavers are a great addition to a home, whether they are in the front, back or provide walkways around the house. Upon having a Denver hardscaping company install pavers, it is important to take care of them just as you do your yard! Below are tips to maintain your pavers.

Sweep and Remove Dirt or Snow: Whether you are in the middle of the summer or the depths of winter, it is important to keep your pavers as clean as they can. Take a broom and sweep your pavers regularly to remove dust, dirt and anything else that has fallen onto your pavers such as leaves or branches. It is also important to get out your hose or pressure washer and spray them down often too. This will remove any loose dirt. In the winter during the snow, you most likely will be shoveling your walkways anyway. Not only is that necessary for safety, but also helps to maintain your pavers.
Inspect your Pavers: Once or twice a year, complete an inspection on your pavers. Look for any chips or cracks, and if you find any be sure to note where they are. During this inspection, you should also look at the sand filler, which is the space in between pavers that holds them together. If you find any cracks, chips or areas that you think the sand filler has been work, contact the company that installed your Denver hardscaping to fix them.
Clean Stains: Over time, you may find stains on your pavers. You can easily clean these stains by using a mild detergent and water. If using a wire brush to remove stains, test a small area to make sure it does not hurt your pavers. If it does, choose another way to scrub them clean. Oil can be difficult to clean but The Art of Doing Stuff has a great tutorial to help you remove those stains.  
Apply a Seal: You can seal your Denver pavers to help protect them from damage dirt and the sun, as well as to maintain their new look to give them a wet or shiny appearance. When choosing to seal your pavers, wait until you know there will be a full week without rain to ensure you have the time to complete the tasks and do not run into interferences. Before sealing, make sure you have completed tips one through three to ensure your pavers are clean and there are no cracks. From there, you can follow the directions of the sealer of your choice.

If you have any questions about maintaining your pavers, contact AMK Hardscapes! From the cleaning to inspection, we can help you make sure your pavers keep their original glow—and will handle any issues that may come up. Our interlocking brick design will help you with your maintenance as they are guaranteed and will not crack, fade or chip! With over 50 different colors, shapes and patterns to choose from, we have everything you need if you are interested in new pavers or replacing your existing. Fill out a contact form to get started, or call us at 303-525-8601.