3 Shrubs to Pair with New Denver Hardscaping to Plant This Fall

When updating your landscaping and Denver hardscaping, your options are endless! A great way to complement your current arrangement is by adding gorgeous shrubs. This will help guide along your pathways and is a nice touch to liven up your outdoors space. As we move into fall, here are some popular shrubs in Denver that you can add with pavers and hardscaping. Read the list below to ensure your outdoor space is ready before winter!

Fern bushes
These bushes are also known as chamaebatiaria millefolium and can grow up to eight feet tall! The great feature about this shrub is its tolerance to the weather. If your area experiences drought, this plant can work with that. In the spring and summer it blooms vibrant little white flowers and turns into an evergreen-like color in the colder months. This means you’ll have a gorgeous plant all year long. This is the perfect shrub to plant in areas that receive a majority of sunlight on it. You can even grow this plant in gravel so you may be able to pair it with some of your home’s hardscaping. In addition, this plant will attract beautiful wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies. Learn more about the best ferns for your garden.

Hydrangeas provide a gorgeous burst of colorful flowers within one shrub. You can find this plant in many colors from pinks and white to blues and lavender. There are a variety of species of this shrub so you can shop around to find the style that fits your landscaping and hardscaping. When planting hydrangeas, they can grow up to four feet. For this plant, definitely be sure to plant it in well-drained soil. Make sure it gets plenty of water, but not too much water. This type of bush can flourish with sun and shade. This shrub is perfect alongside pavers or the entrance of the home at least three feet apart.

Red Twig Dogwoods
Also known as cornus stolinferas, are wonderful shrubs to plant! Their vibrant red stem color provides the perfect pop of color all year long—especially in the winter! Its touch of white flowers provide the perfect pop. Another great benefit to this shrub is how durable it is. It stands up to the elements, especially an excess of water. It can also thrive in shaded areas too. This plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and up to eight feet wide. Pair these alongside your pavers to create a pathway or in front of your home.

In addition to planting in the fall, this season is great to add Denver hardscaping! In the months leading up to the snowfall, adding pavers isn’t only aesthetically appealing; it helps create a safer environment too. Learn more about the environmental benefits of installing pavers and let AMK Hardscapes help! As Denver’s premier interlocking paving stone installer, we will work in the design you are looking for or help you with ideas. Fill out a contact form to get started.