3 Denver Hardscaping Solutions for Small Spaces

A great way to increase the value of your home and create something unique for great curb appeal is the addition of Denver hardscaping. Hardscaping can be a wide variety of physical items, such as rocks, bricks, etc. to create paths, areas and more. Those with small spaces, such as a backyard, front yard or side of the home may feel you cannot add hardscaping—which is not the case! Here are some solutions to make a change for your home no matter how small it is.

Pathways: One of the simplest ways to implement hardscaping in your area is with pathways. Homeowners often create walkways to their front door that extend around the side of the home and into their backyard. This can provide guidance and a smooth surface for walking, carts, strollers, wagons and more from point A to point B. By using interlocking paving stones, you can trust in an aesthetically pleasing design that lasts! This type of paver is non-skid and non-slip for safety and does not fade or wear out.  Plus, with all of the pavers being consistent in size, you can expect winter maintenance to be easy ad they have a seamless and flat surface. Add some flair to your newly added pathway by decorating it with flowers, rocks or lighting along the side. Lighting is especially great during the night hours.
Driveways and Carports: Whether you have a driveway currently or a carport or area around your garage, this is a great place to add in hardscaping. Many homeowners have concrete or asphalt driveways that are more susceptible to cracking and replacement. Even for small spaces, changing your driveway to one with interlocking brick pavers is a great alternative. It is four times stronger than concrete and 10 times as stronger than asphalt. Because of their makeup, they are flexible and non-rigid that will allow soil to settle. For carports or areas outside of a garage, hardscaping is a also a great choice to add appeal but also a durable and safe surface.
Entertaining and Storage Space: Have a small backyard? No problem! Use hardscaping along the back of your house to create a small area to place a grill and maybe a few other materials for backyard entertaining. This will add character to the backyard that will make it easy to maneuver pieces of equipment with it’s smooth, flat and even surface. Many people also choose to convert their entire backyard to 100 percent hardscaping, which will save you time mowing the grass! Liven up this space by adding a few touches or flowers or rocks around the hardscaping. A small area of hardscaping in the backyard can also create a great area to store equipment such as lawnmowers or stack chairs and tables! It can help create definition in any space no matter what the size. 

Ready to see how to transform your small spaces with hardscaping? AMK Hardscapes is your go-to Denver paver hardscaping company that will find the perfect solution! Learn more about the benefits of interlocking bricks when deciding to add this option to your next home project. When ready to get started, fill out this contact sheet or give us a call at 303-525-8601 to get started.