The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

December 5, 2018

In addition to bringing beauty and design to your home’s outdoor areas, lighting your patios and walkways serve several functional purposes as well. Have you considered installing outdoor lighting to your pavers, but are curious what kind of value—if any—it will bring? If so, you may be interested in the following benefits of landscape lighting that touch on both function and form:

Outdoor Security – Lighting deters prowlers by exposing areas where people could hide or any dark spots in your yard, thereby creating a feeling of comfort for you and guests who may be visiting, as well as a more relaxing environment in general. Once everyone has gone to bed, outdoor lighting can remain on for a specified period of time by using an inexpensive timer system, or you can manually control the lighting with a remote and turn lights on and off as needed from within the safety and comfort of your home. Now with smart home technology you can even set them to turn on and off automatically. Some lights even work with Alexa and Google Home to help keep your home safe. 

Outdoor Safety – No more tripping over your walkways and patios when arriving home after dark. Lighting makes your hardscaping safer, especially when lit from the side or below to alleviate the shadows that can obscure vision at night. It can even help you find icy patches to steer clear of when you get home. Eyebrow, niche, or pilaster lights enhance safety while also being visually appealing.

Extended Living Space – Though warm summer evenings are behind us for now, fully utilizing your outdoor spaces turn into a joy when lighting is involved. Not only does it add an artistic touch, it also gives you more reason to live and entertain outdoors, even after the sun has set. Using a variety of techniques and fixtures, a hardscape designer can create a stunning and inviting visual effect in and around your brick pavers.

Curb Appeal – Many of us find good lighting a hallmark of a warm and welcoming neighborhood. Lighting the brick pavers in front of your home shows that your property is well cared for and is an inviting gathering place for family and friends.

Boundary Marking – Illuminating your property lines is another benefit of lighting. You can add lights to existing shrubs, fences, or walkways that are used as a line of demarcation. Or, through a technique called photometrics, many overlapping lights can be installed to create a continuous wall or line to expose the edges of your yard. You can even lighting to accent your favorite spaces in your yard, like your new brick patio.
Lighting can be added to many different kinds of projects, from walkways and driveways to outdoor patios and entertainment areas. If you have a brick paver project in your future consider installing lighting as part of the project and please don’t hesitate to seek the quality advice, design, and installation services of AMK Hardscapes, your local Denver hardscape professionals. Contact us today to get started on your project.

Outdoor Thanksgiving Decor Ideas for your Walkways

November 21, 2018

Fall is one of the best times of year to spruce up the outside of your home! With such a variety of season-filled décor available, mixed in with the changing leaves and snowfall, it is a great time to showcase your house’s beauty. Whether you plan to go all out, or do something simple, there is plenty you can do to get people talking! From making a plan and do-it-yourself ideas, to enhancing your Centennial commercial brick walkways, use these tips for your outdoor decorating this Thanksgiving.  

Making a Plan

If you have never decorated the outside of your house for a holiday, and do not have an inventory to pull from, it is best to start with a plan. This enables you to set and stick to a budget. A plan also helps you take the time to research how you would like your space to look. For your first agenda item—do your homework. Pinterest is a great place to start and pin ideas to a “Thanksgiving Décor” board. If you do not use Pinterest, there are plenty of ideas you can find and bookmark through a simple online search. For instance, try one of these Thanksgiving outdoor decorations for inspiration. Next, set your budget and see how the items you found can be worked in. Then you are ready to get started on purchasing the decorations!

DIY Ideas

If you are crafty and prefer to make your own holiday decorations, or piece arrangements together on your own, Thanksgiving is such a fun time! First, find ways to incorporate some of the season’s most popular colors. These include reds, yellows and oranges. Commonly, burnt or rusted shades as opposed to bright and bold fits the theme. Next, consider one of these 40 festive and cozy ideas for Thanksgiving decorations. One of the popular items is a “welcome” chalkboard sign with leaves or other holiday-themed décor around it. Add in a nice message for a personal touch. For instance, you can put a positive “thankful” daily affirmation on it, such as “I am thankful to have you as a guest.” Old Ball jars, pumpkins, cornucopias, pinecones, and lights are also great elements to incorporate.

Enhancing Walkways

There are many opportunities to enhance your walkways for Thanksgiving. If your walkways do not have guided lighting along the path, this is a great addition. You can find lights that run on solar energy for additional savings. Along with these, try to find a safe outdoor decoration to add onto your lights that can be seen during the day. You can also decorate your walkways with pumpkins and other Thanksgiving-themed items. Don’t have walkways? Or are yours in poor shape? Consider installing pavers. Why use interlocking paving stone? They stand up to the elements much better than most other constructions, including concrete. Fall is the perfect time to install them, too.

To add brick pavers into your landscape before Thanksgiving, AMK Hardscapes can help. Our brick pavers are durable, enabling you to be happy with your investment. Learn more about how we can help you by calling 303-525-8601 today.

Brick Pavers Denver: A Solid Advantage Over Concrete

November 7, 2018

Once you decide to enhance or improve the outdoor space surrounding your home or office, deciding what surface material to use represents a critical decision. Choosing between concrete or brick pavers, whether you are constructing a swimming pool area, outdoor patio, or sidewalk can have an impact on many of the factors associated with your design and lasting impression of the space.

Aesthetics and Versatility

Obviously, the look of your new area needs to match the already existing landscape in terms of the residence to which it is located. By using brick pavers, the color schemes and designs available are endless. These individually placed components can be arranged to either match an existing brick home, serve in contrast to one, or create its own space outside any and every type of residence or office building.
Concrete may be stamped or have a minimal variety of colors added but neither can match the aesthetically pleasing capabilities of brick pavers. Often the concrete areas are just sizeable, bland, spaces covering the ground in a dull grey.


Whatever your decision, the ability to last through both harsh winter conditions and warm summer days is critical. Given the nature of extreme temperature changes throughout the different seasons in Colorado, ensuring your selection is built to last is vital.
Only brick pavers are guaranteed and can easily be replaced should any damage ever occur - an unlikely scenario. Concrete however would need to be patched, creating an ugly eye sore, or removed and resurfaced. This requires an extraordinary amount of work to accomplish.
From the outset, brick pavers are placed to shift and adjust slightly with the ground contours and natural settling of the soil. The same type action could cause cracks and breaks in concrete, creating unsightly lines and dangerous trip hazards.


Once installed, a brick paver patio can be enjoyed almost immediately. This is not the case with concrete as a homeowner must wait until the surface has dried and hardened before being able to take advantage of the new space.


Safety is a concern anywhere but especially around water. All areas around a swimming pool are prone to get wet and concrete can become slick and an immediate fall hazard if not careful. Brick pavers provide a non-slip surface that even when wet will not be near as slick.
The experts at AMK Hardscapes offer a no obligation evaluation of your project and are willing to answer any questions you may have about the future of your investment. Their consultation involves taking considerations from the client before offering a full service, turnkey, job to other projects which may require assistance only when needed or asked. Their involvement is left to the homeowner and can be as much or little as requested during any specific project. 
Their professionally trained staff is pleased to assist in determining your best options and product design for any and all brick paver projects. Whether you’re replacing one cracking concrete stone, a full circle driveway, or anything in between - they can help! Our associates will ensure you not only receive the best service possible but also are aware of the different designs and options available to you. Further, they are ready to assist with any number of other paver options, including fire pits and walled landscapes. Whether you need an explanation for a recommended surface type or are ready to move forward on a hardscaping project the AMK experts are ready and willing to assist. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate today.

Brick Pavers Denver Maintenance Requirements

October 24, 2018

Once you’ve decided to spend the necessary money and upgrade your home or office with a brick patio, sidewalk, or driveway, the question about maintenance and upkeep requirements begin. In fact, it may be something you consider even prior to starting the project but either way, the answers support brick pavers and their minimum maintenance responsibilities. 

There are a number of factors which support utilizing a brick paver surface for your next project which will not only enhance the look of your home or office but can also influence the property value in a positive way. Ultimately, the work required for upkeep of a brick paver surface is minimal and the durability is unmatched by many competitors - including cement, rock, and asphalt.
Brick pavers offer the following benefits and limited support once professionally installed.


Cleaning the brick pavers once they have been installed is arguably the biggest factor for maintaining the groomed look of a project and keeping the stones in optimal shape. While the frequency at which you seal pavers depends on use, weather, and other variable factors, the stones can often be returned to pristine condition after just a simple power wash. 


Maintenance for other hardscape surfaces often requires complete replacement or a patch which is extremely noticeable even when professionally adhered to an existing surface. Fortunately, should a brick paver need replacement, which in itself is a rare occurrence due to their extreme durability, only the cracked, broken, or damaged piece needs to be removed and then a match can be reinstalled to retrofit the design.

There is often availability for bricks which have been weathered and then will match up with whatever should need replacing or a simple power wash can blend any patch back into the mix - appearing like a cohesive unit. It is rare that a brick should need replacing but knowing that small sections can be corrected without interfering with your schedule or budget is definitely a benefit.


Finally, a routine inspection of your surface is suggested in order to recognize any damaging characteristics of areas in need of attention. While there isn’t a real need for daily or even weekly observations, checking in periodically - especially following extreme temperature changes, a fluctuation in use, or heavy rains, can be beneficial and keep your brick paver surface in optimal shape and lasting for a lifetime or even longer.

The experts at AMK Hardscapes offer an inclusive evaluation of your project and can answer any questions you may have about the future of your investment. Their consultation will involve taking considerations from the client and offering a full service, turnkey job to offering assistance only when needed or asked - their involvement is left to the homeowner and can be as much or little as requested during any particular project. 

Their professionally trained staff will be pleased to assist you in determining your best options and product design for all brick paver projects. Whether you’re replacing a cracking concrete sidewalk, full circle driveway, a short walk to your front door, or anything in between - they can help! Our associates will ensure that you not only receive the best service possible but also are aware of the implications your hardscapes may have on the cost analysis of a property. Further, they are willing and ready to assist with any number of paver options, including fire pits and walled landscaping opportunities. Whether you need an explanation for a recommended surface type or are ready to move forward on a hardscaping project the AMK experts are ready and willing to assist. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate.

Brick Pavers Denver Edging Benefits

October 10, 2018

There are a number of materials to consider when deciding how to separate a planter, garden, or flower bed from the walkway or lawn around a home or place of business. Each possesses different advantages and disadvantages but brick offers one of the best and longest lasting solutions with more versatility than any other possibility.

The implementation of a brick border around a driveway, patio, or porch is two-fold. Serving to outline the surface area and also holding the pattern in place, these border bricks are essential to the overall design and construction technique but also serve a similar purpose when used in a stand alone fashion as a dramatic border for any of the above mentioned techniques.

These partitions can also be incorporated into the sidewalk design, serving as an extension of the walkway while highlighting a well manicured lawn or garden. When appropriately designed, the flow of an outdoor space can begin at the curb and continue up the drive, down the sidewalk and to the front door of a home or business with clear cut definition separating a flow of traffic and keeping people out of your plants.


The average brick lifespan has been found to be 500 years or more depending on environmental factors. This ability to withstand the elements and last longer than practically any other available material creates a long-lasting border or surface wherever it is applied.


Not only does the actual brick border require little to maintenance but this option makes lawn care easier. Brick borders clearly separate decorative areas from the grass and also keep mulch and potting soil from mixing with the yard area. A brick border will withstand a weed trimmer for edging or can be installed low enough where mower blades themselves will not interfere.

Barrier Definition

These bricks as garden edges can be combined with walkways and driveways for a solidarity around a residence or business. By utilizing brick as a border option, walkways and flower beds are easily distinguished from one another and pathways used for those visiting will be clearly marked.

The individuals at AMK Hardscapes can assist you in determining exactly which brick pavers would be best fitted for almost any project around your home - including a garden or landscape border. Whether you are looking at incorporating the new border into an existing walkway, driveway or are creating an entirely new construction, our highly trained and certified staff will make certain you receive the absolute best service available. Not only will the staff be present initially but they will continue to also be accessible throughout the entire process of construction and installation to answer any questions which may arise during the any stage. They can help you with a number of different paver options such as patios or other landscaping needs for pavers. If you should need any assistance in determining the best option available to you in this area the AMK experts are ready to help. Call 303-525-8601 or contact us to inquire about an estimate today.